Got An Amazing Idea for an App?

As a part of Rhode Island Startup Week 2021, one of the submitted app ideas will be selected to be developed and built LIVE over the week (October 18 – 22).

Want to Submit an Idea?

It’s easy!

  1. Click the button
  2. Fill out the form and detail your idea (the more detailed, the better)

One app will be selected by October 8, 2021


Who Will Build the App?

Thanks to the generous donation of talent, time and tenacity from Keno Mullings and his company, The Mullings Group, this will be a truly exciting experience for everyone in Rhode Island to watch!

How Will We Get to Experience the App's Development?

We’ll start each day with a live check-in with TMG’s global team. TMG will be using their platform, g.o.a.t.SaaS, to get the app live within 1 week. On Friday October 22, we will unveil the app and hear from the winning business team.”