Ted Howell

Ted Howell

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I’m a former mechanical engineer turned corporate lawyer with a focus on advising entrepreneurs. I take a practical approach to my advice, which is generally geared towards growth, and relates to formation, management, protection of assets, financing, and sale of a business. To me, the practice of business law is a lot like a complicated puzzle. I like to take an engineering approach – essentially turning complicated systems into something more simple and manageable, with the most elegant solution often being the simplest. To me, that is at its peak when I am brainstorming with clients about various legal and business structures, or strategizing with respect to the negotiation of a transaction. Taking all of those pieces that don’t want to fit together, bringing elements to the table that I have experienced with past clients, and coming up with an elegant solution for the particular client.

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Monday October 18, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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